VR Digest: Oculus wants new trial against Zenimax;
Tested reviews MSI Backtop

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VR Digest: A VR newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent
written by John Dewar (@jstarrdewar) Issue 115 – April 12, 2017

VR Digest: A Virtual Reality newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent

Hi Friends,

The news this week in the metaverse was slow and bite-sized, not surprising considering the huge news that came out in the last couple of weeks. Don’t forget to visit our archive if you need to catch up!

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Tested reviewed the MSI VR One “Backtop” PC, which allows HTC Vive users to roam their tracking volumes unencumbered by wires.

Oculus filed motions for a new trial in the Zenimax case.

UploadVR followed up last week’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew playthrough video with another one showing play in the original Star Trek Enterprise.

AMD announced its acquisition of Nitero, a company focused on creating wireless chips for short-range high bandwidth applications aimed at eliminating the cables from Desktop-based VR headsets. Valve had invested in Nitero prior to AMD’s acquisition.

World War II flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik added VR support with a new update. The website also reports that the “graphics as a whole were heavily updated” as a result of the VR work. The title’s VR support has been a long time coming, having been first demonstrated way back in 2013.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons players can access a free update called The Commanders which enables players to have avatars and fly together in the same ship during cooperative multiplayer game sessions. A list of ships that support the feature can be found here.

Eve: Valkyrie got a major update with a new “Groundrush” mode that brings pilots down to the surface of an icy planet.

Lytro has built an updated lightfield camera for VR which the company has deemed “production ready”, and they are now seeking partners who want beta access to it. The company told Road to VR that they are moving away from shooting 360 for now (as the original concept renderings indicated). The camera is absolutely massive, so a 360 version would likely be impractically large anyway.

Design firm Artefact has released Storyboard VR, a VR version of powerpoint. It’s free and can be used to mock up UI, games, and experiences in VR. The user can import 2D assets, then arrange, scale and animate them in a frame-by-frame slide-advance UI.

UploadVR posted a behind-the-scenes video showing a new Smurfs tie-in built on Microsoft’s Hololens, that looks like one of the most polished experiences to be developed for the platform yet.

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