VR Digest: Software updates roll out from Microsoft and Adobe;
Magic Leap raises more money

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VR Digest: A VR newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent
written by John Dewar (@jstarrdewar) Issue 142 – October 19, 2017

VR Digest: A Virtual Reality newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update

Microsoft has started rolling out its next major operating system release, the Windows 10 “Fall Creator’s Update”. The marquee feature for this release is support for the new Windows Mixed Reality VR headset ecosystem. You can download the update immediately or wait for it to gradually trickle down to your auto-updater. We recommend waiting if you have an Oculus or Vive as we’ve seen scattered reports of compatibility issues.

There are a few nice non-VR features in this update. The Verge posted a rundown.

Adobe Creative Cloud Updates Bring Native VR Support to After Effects and Premiere

It’s Adobe Christmas, a.k.a. the kickoff of the Adobe MAX conference, and all the good little boys and girls with a Creative Cloud subscription will find a sleigh load of presents waiting for them in the Creative Cloud updater app. For 360 video producers, After Effects and Premiere are gaining many useful features. Both get a raft of 360-aware filters and headset preview modes. After Effects gains tools for adding 3D motion graphics and exporting cubemaps to make painting out unwanted elements easier. Premiere allows editors to rotate the panorama to ensure that the action flows predictably between cuts. The new features were demonstrated a month ago at the International Broadcasting Convention.

Oculus Connect 4 Wrap-Up

A few of the OC4 sessions have already been posted to YouTube. Of particular note is John Carmack’s trademark stream-of-consciousness keynote. He gives a few more details on the tradeoffs of the Oculus Go’s LCD screen—higher latency and washed out blacks vs improved pixel fill, lower cost, and superior detail in the dark areas of the image.

Wired created a video of John Carmack discussing VR with a 5 year old, a pre-teen, a college student, a grad student, and a VR expert.

Tested posted a video with their impressions of the conference announcements and their time with the Santa Cruz prototype.

Developers can sign up to receive pre-release Oculus Go hardware on Oculus’ Hardware Request Form.

Palmer Luckey made an appearance on the second day of the show, and Ian Hamilton recorded some of his comments. Hamilton also posted an editorial explaining why the Oculus Go could be a game-changer.

TPCast is planning a version of its wireless technology for the Rift.

Magic Leap Raises Even More Money

Magic Leap raised $502 million in series D funding, according to their website. The company previously raised $793.5 million in its series C round. Total funding is now $1.8875 billion, to be precise. It is somewhat unusual for a fundraising round to be less than a previous round, but these numbers are incredibly big for a company with no revealed products. A couple weeks ago the company revised its website and posted a video intended to hype us up for whatever it is planning to unveil, but it is remarkable for being almost entirely devoid of content despite some nice cinematography.

Samsung Revelations

Samsung’s professional 360/3D camera finally has a name. The 360 Round will be released this month. According to CNET it will cost $10,500.

Google and Samsung announced that they are now partners on ARCore. You may be forgiven for thinking that is old news, because ARCore launched on the Galaxy S8, but apparently the subtle difference is that Samsung is committing to setting up future Galaxy phones for ARCore and bringing the Note 8 to the party.

Samsung told UploadVR that they do not have plans to release their Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality VR headset in Europe.

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