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VR Digest: A VR newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent
written by Ian Hamilton (@hmltn) issue 73 – June 22, 2016

VR Digest: A Virtual Reality newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent

Oculus Touch Supported By SteamVR

A huge news week at E3 was capped by reports that Valve’s SteamVR platform is now supporting Oculus Touch, the forthcoming hand controllers from Facebook. While the controllers are only in the hands of some developers right now, getting them to work with a room-scale game bought from Steam is a big deal as it opens up the Steam library of walk-around VR games to buyers of the Rift.

The relationship between Valve and Oculus is a touchy one, and whether the support will follow through when consumers get the chance to buy the controllers is not known.


Meta got $50 million to build the Meta 3, a new version of its augmented reality headset. Meanwhile the company is still taking pre-orders for its Meta 2 headset.

Google VR hired USC ICT’s computer graphics pioneer Paul Debevec, best known for his work on digital humans, light fields, and the lightstage.

Nintendo said it will support VR at “a point where it can be mainstream.”

Oculus CTO John Carmack played Minecraft in VR (6-minute video) against players on two different kinds of tablets, demonstrating the cross-platform functionality of the application.

VR game highlights from E3 2016 included Obduction (from Cyan, the company behind classic game Myst; Studio Transcendent helped film the characters for the project and integrate them into the game engine), Wilson’s Heart (an alarming black-and-white game coming in 2017) and Ripcoil (a cross between Tron and Pong).

PlayStation VR will be available to try at 300 Best Buy and GameStop locations beginning on Friday. Sony warned the system will be in short supply when it debuts.

Augmented reality game Pokemon Go is arriving in July, with a beta likely soon.

Drop Dead is a graphically stunning zombie shooter coming to Gear VR for Halloween.

A new video from Magic Leap starring C-3PO and R2-D2 hints at a partnership with Disney’s mixed reality lab on a Star Wars-related project.

Michael Bay is working on a “gritty” VR project.

Director Chris Milk renamed his company Within. Formerly known as VRSE, the company changed its name after raising $12.5 million for its VR projects.  “...Tying our brand to “virtual reality”, a phrase we may not even use in ten years, seems inadvisable. And at our heart, we’re about more than just a specific technology or buzzword — we’re about creating and sharing human experience. Technology is just a tool to get us there,” Milk wrote.

Industry veteran Jason Rubin is now in charge of all content on the Oculus platform.

EVE: Valkyrie got a big update that brings a new carrier assault mode.

BigScreen added Leap Motion support as well as a bubble of personal space to stop trolls in multiplayer VR.

Adobe released its 2016 Creative Cloud updates. The new version of Adobe Premiere adds native support for editing VR footage in a variety of formats.

Hulu is now available on the desktop Oculus Rift. Dozens of 360-degree videos, including Studio Transcendent’s Rapid Fire: a brief history of flight, are available to view within the app’s home theater experience, which also allows you to stream Hulu’s library of TV shows to a virtual television.

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