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VR Digest: A VR newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent
written by Ian Hamilton (@hmltn) issue 74 – June 29, 2016

VR Digest: A Virtual Reality newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent

New VR Conference Announced

A series of VR-related conferences are coming up, with SIGGRAPH first up in Anaheim the week of July 24. Exclusive VR demos, talks and research projects will be shown. Tickets that include access to the “VR Village” start around $150-$250.

The next VRLA conference is on Saturday, August 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Tickets start at $40. There’s also a second day on August 5 geared toward professionals with tickets at $300 (Saturday is included).

The overwhelming response to the Virtual Reality Developers Conference held during GDC earlier this year has led to VRDC becoming its own event. It’ll be on November 2 and 3, right before the holidays when Daydream, Gear VR, Rift, PlayStation VR and Vive will all be available for purchase.


Facebook and Valve are offering dozens of VR games at steep discounts as part of dueling summer sales for software on the Steam and Oculus stores.

Oculus won’t use hardware checks anymore with its storefront, meaning a hack that allowed Vive owners to play games sold exclusively through Oculus no longer needs to circumvent DRM protections in order to work. Revive has been updated to take advantage of the policy change.

UploadVR reports that a former Apple designer is working on a VR/AR team at Twitter.

Google’s Expeditions educational app on Android is out on beta and available for anyone to download.

Acer is investing $9 million in the ultra-wide field of view StarVR headset as part of a joint venture to co-develop the system.

A slick little Oculus Rift desk mount found its way to Etsy, showing a very elegant way to keep your Rift and Xbox controller ready to play.

Leap Motion’s impressive hand tracking demo Blocks is now available for the HTC Vive. If you have a Leap Motion sensor and mount it to the Vive, the experience of tossing around blocks (1-minute video) with your bare hands gives a hint at a future beyond tracked hand controllers.

Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group has named Jake Zim as VP of Virtual Reality to spearhead work on narrative VR content.

Studio Transcendent, publisher of VR Digest, released Rapid Fire: a brief history of flight on Littlstar. Experience an airshow one could never see in real life. Witness the Wright Flyer’s first leap, dodge bullets from a WWI fighter, get buzzed by the leading-edge F22 Raptor fighter jet, and be nearly engulfed by the world’s largest plane. Rapid Fire is also available on Samsung Milk VR, Hulu’s Gear VR app, Vrideo, and Jaunt.

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