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VR Digest: A VR newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent
written by Ian Hamilton (@hmltn) issue 93 – November 9, 2016

VR Digest: A Virtual Reality newsletter brought to you by Studio Transcendent

Adobe Introduces VR Video Editing Tools

A 5-minute video from Adobe shows Clover, an in-VR editing tool designed to make it possible to line up and cut together shots while wearing the headset. Adobe is a creative software powerhouse, and editing VR footage is a huge pain when you have to keep taking the headset off to make changes. Seeing Adobe embrace these kinds of tools is the latest vote of confidence in the technology from one of the tech industry’s software leaders.


Startup FOVE is offering its eye-tracking headset at $599, with plans to start shipping later this year.

Unity is planning to extend its Editor VR tools with third party VR creation tools, on a path toward integrating it with the asset store, potentially creating a full ecosystem of development tools that can be used entirely within a VR environment.

The final packaging for the Oculus Touch hand controllers has been revealed ahead of their December 6 release date.

The VR Mark benchmarking software was released in version 1.0, letting people test the rendering performance of their machine in a way that is tuned specifically to unique requirements of VR.

The Neos world engine launched in alpha, offering a “a generic synchronization engine – a system using novel approach to network synchronization to make development of multiplayer social experiences and behaviors effortless and a lot more scalable, allowing to build more complex and plentiful experiences. On top of this engine is a set of layers and concepts providing tools and interfaces to build content for VR from within VR and in multiplayer.”

Dinosaur hunting game Robinson: The Journey (Review 7/10) from Crytek arrived on PlayStation VR.

UploadVR went hands-on with Wonderland, from the creators of Rift launch title Lucky’s Tale. The project is a collection of experiments in room-scale VR that includes arm-swinging as the mechanic for virtual movement.

Valve released videos from its Steam Dev Days conference, with interesting VR tidbits released.

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